Eldritch Century RPG Core Rulebook

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Full-color 400-page RPG Core Rulebook in Hardcover or PDF version with dual system (5e-compatible and featuring Draco System). Enhance the experience with 3D printable files or resin miniatures (limited).

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Transmission Thursday: The President and the lore
5 days ago – Thu, Jul 02, 2020 at 02:49:37 PM

Hello Minerva Agents. Welcome back.

Today’s Transmission Thursday is quite the special one. Head Quarters has received two very intriguing and exciting pieces of content.

President Juan Galt of the Atlantean Alliance

Ever since his reappearance a few years before the Discovery of the underwater tunnels that gave name to the Atlantean Alliance, Juan Galt has been a beacon of Atlantean values and nothing short of an action hero. He has led exploration parties to the great oceans that surround the Alliance as he has starred in marvelous films. Long before he was elected, he was already very well known. A wondrous politician that keeps the Mexican, American and English interests and agendas at bay, Juan Galt is a paragon of adventurers everywhere as the bannerman of fearless adventure.

Here’s an excerpt of Juan Galt as developed by Ezzy Languzzi

Upon returning to Mexico City, Galt visited a cantina and met Don Pedro Torres de Rivera for the first time. It was as though their encounter had been predestined. They downed tequila as they bonded over personal demons and shared their plans. Rivera planned a coup of the new socialist regime in Mexico, and Galt sought purpose for his new life.

Rivera sensed something extraordinary in Galt and invited him to join his rebel army. Their chance encounter resulted in friendship and a lifelong pursuit of common goals. Galt joined Rivera on his quest to champion freedom and helped lead the peasant revolution that freed their country from oppression. The victory invigorated him and, for the first time since his time at sea, he vowed to return one day to the place that had transformed him into a man.

The years that followed brought Galt wealth, notoriety, and respect. He ventured into the Corsair business, where he met one of his closest friends, Augustus L. Walker. He became active in local politics, crossing paths with Lady Heathcliffe, who championed children’s and women’s rights. Everything Galt touched turned to gold. He became a self-made millionaire, his films won him awards, and political rivals threw their hands up in defeat whenever he entered a race. Nothing seemed unattainable to him, and he developed a taste for excess. When the time came to elect a president for the Atlantean Alliance, Galt emerged as the natural frontrunner.

President Juan Galt as illustrated by Aldo Dominguez

Lore section editing complete

The other document we received today was Jaym Gates' final editing work on the lore section of our book. We are one step closer to send your expeditions into the fog. Now it is time for us to prepare the layout for the second half of the book and finish the art.

You will hear again from us next Thursday!

Transmission Thursday: Aurea Kerana de Souza
12 days ago – Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 04:00:59 PM

Hello, Minerva Agents. Welcome back.

We hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy. Listen to your health authorities.

Today we’ll dive into one of the strangest characters at the helm of the Renascent Hegemony: Aurea Kerana.

Aurea Kerana de Souza

Very few facts are known about Ms. De Souza. We understand that Aurea is a form of title among the dreaming cabal she leads in the Hegemony. This cabal worships the long-lost whispers of the Golden One in the Amazon that the indigenous nations of the region fought so hard to keep hidden before the Renascents’ arrival. Of her origins, we know little to nothing; but if our planet’s doom doesn’t come from the Miasma itself, she certainly had something to do with it.

The following is an excerpt from the Renascent Hegemony developed by Ezzy Languzzi and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro.

Aurea Kerana de Souza, as made by Todd Ulrich

While unconfirmed, Urbanites speculate that Aurea’s perpetual youth may be related to ethically dubious experiments developed by Leonora D’Avinci--experiments that most Renascents find grotesque, though not necessarily morally reprehensible. A more complex history may explain Aurea’s appearance, as her lineage is mysterious and her psionic skills and knowledge far surpass those of any Rensascent of her presumed age. She is a strikingly beautiful young woman, who taught both Atreus and D’Avinci during their Dunwich University days.

Unsurprisingly, Aurea is always by the Hegemon’s side and only leaves him to visit the ruins of the ancient cities. Whether it’s a trick of the eye, or environmentally produced, she exudes an amber aura in dim light. Her presence is felt by all when she enters a room, as her poise, use of precise language, and intense and penetrating gaze draw people to her.

The Book – Character creation

We’re taking huge strides in progress. The design team is still working on tables, boxes and spacing for art for our book.

Here’s another sneak peek at the first pages of the Character creation formerly known as the Exegesis system. As we explained in one of our previous updates, we’ve made a few changes, but the intention of narrative-driven choices and the incredibly modular design remains.

A quick look at the Character Creation chapter. The blue box indicates a possible place for artwork.

That's all for today. We hope to have made you as excited as we are. We're doing our best to create as three-dimensional world as we can, as well as to deliver a book of excellent quality.

Oceanic Community Illustrations
18 days ago – Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 10:22:54 PM

Hello, Minerva Agents!

Welcome back. Today we’ll zero in on one of our characters, mainly because the art came in and we’re really excited.

Faezah Wasaidan Jasmay

Faezah is one of the key characters of the Oceanic Community, and she’s bannerperson of the diversity values of the faction. She’s known for her tireless work and her first biggest creation, the Cetacean Communication Device. She has led the Community on a path of theoretical knowledge and ingenious creation regarding the world below them that was never before imagined by any of the Matua Matuas or captains of the council. 

Faezah by Aldo Dominguez

Here’s an excerpt from Elizabeth Chaipraditkul’s work.

Faezah was born to a USSR refugee and a Malay scientist within the Community. A brilliant young woman, the only life she’s ever known was on the waters and to this day gets dizzy each time she steps on land. As a child Faezah was quiet a ponderous, she spent most of her time rummaging through the bowels of her Mothership to find scraps of seaweed and other living things to squish, dissect, and understand. Always sure of herself and what she wanted, Faezah adopted the name Wasaiden from an early age signaling her true gender identity. She loved life on the Mothership, but relished her time alone among the salvage pretending to be a great scientist like her mother.

Wasaiden’s life changed her, her parents were stationed for six months on the island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) so her father could study the statues there. Without the constant roar of life around her, the now young woman felt unanchored in a sea of silence. Where she would’ve relished the chance to live among so much nature, she realized what she truly needed was life and the hum of her Community and thus sank into a deep yearning sadness.

Salvation came one day while Wasaiden swam far off the shore of the island, deeper and deeper into the waves crashed around her making such a roaring sound she felt as if she was once again in the bowels of her beloved home. She swam so far out, so entranced by the waves, she didn’t realize there was not enough energy in her limbs to bring her back safely to the island and the unrelenting waves pulled her father and farther out into the water. Just as Wasaiden’s body was about to be taken by the Primordial Sea, she felt a smooth warmth along her side and a flurry of movement.

Before she understood truly what was happening a small pod of dolphins hoisted the young woman between them and brought her to shore. Halfway towards the island Wasaiden grabbed hold of her senses to the miracle surrounding her and then a deep wave of peace came over her—once again she was surrounded by the flurry of life she so desperately missed. How truly lovely it was.

We recently received the art for the Oceanic community paths and they look awesome. Here's a sneak peek for the Recycler path:

Recycler path by Mara Art

Core rulebook Layout

We’re still working on more artwork for the book as we wait for the final editing delivery regarding lore. Additionally, our design team has taken huge steps into transforming the book from large chunks of shared word processing documents into a beauty. Both the design team and writers have in contact to make sure the heading hierarchy is okay and adapting tables; they've also been making plans as to where illustrations should go and creating art briefs for new illustrations. Placing art is the last step, so the current layout has lots of blue placeholder frames to mark where art or some other visual elements are needed.

Here's an example of what was mentioned above: 

A sample of the book itself

That's it for now, thanks for sharing with us the enthusiasm for this project and reading this project updates. We are working hard to deliver a top-quality book.

Monsters of the fog
24 days ago – Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 12:54:44 AM

Greetings, Minerva agents.

Today’s update is less heavy on the lore of our world. Instead,  make sure you understand the creatures you’ll be facing in your missions. Never take them anything else than seriously.


Far in the northernmost reaches of the Lost Continent, where the cold is seemingly endless, our reports have detailed a creature we know here simply as the Boreal. The spikes on its body are not for terror purposes, but seemingly a growth mechanism. A few reports insist on seeing their peers stuck in the spikes, as if being swallowed by the body.

The Legged

Legged are strange creatures. An understatement, we’re sure, but this is not a strangeness of appearance, but one of emotion. They’re generally peaceful creatures, roaming around, aimlessly; however, if one were to sense fear nearby it, it will go in for the attack. Be wary of your emotions, agents. The Miasma will use them against you.

Core Rulebook progress

  • Writing: Complete.
  • Editing: Lore chapters have been under editing for the past 2 weeks; we expect to receive the edited text by the end of June. Rules and Game system chapters are fully edited.
  • Graphic Layout: This weekend we will review the graphic layout progress for the first half of the book (rules & game system).
  • Art: For the past months we have been producing an average of 2 daily briefs. We are working with artists to create art as fast as possible. 

We will be back in the coming weeks with more art and lore updates for you to enjoy and make the wait more entertaining. Thanks again for your support and sharing the excitement for Eldritch Century!

Nisshoku Teikoku
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jun 04, 2020 at 08:45:37 PM

Greetings, Minerva agents!

We hope you and yours are safe and healthy in these trying times. In the meantime, we’d like to share some more of Eldritch Century progress.

Nisshoku Teikoku

It is our first interest that people have fun and interesting adventures. This is kind of hard when we've unintentionally offended them. Since we're working with a very real world in a very different scenario, we saw a deep need in getting cultural consultancy. One of the most changed factions was the once known as Shogunate of the Eclipse. Here's a few of the key changes in our setting.

  • The name has changed into Empire of the Eclipse. This allows for historical accuracy, Japan never had an American intervention and pressure after a second world war. Additionally, there was no real relationship with Germany because the second world war never happened. It also changes the way we see this empire: not a feudal one, but a modern one with a new focus.
  • The relationship between people and the kami remains, but the objective has changed. The Empire of the Eclipse has heard the kami's message: “This Earth is done for. We must escape.” Now, they scour the earth looking for resources and oil fuels, seeking to perfect their space program.
  • Since there's no more feudalism, we had to shake up the concept of samurai and shinobi. They serve no lord, for lords have given way to history. Instead, they've become the masters of all sorts of industry. Shizoku serve their families now and Shinobi have formed an intelligence organization.
  • The Mashin process has opened a door to a new Path: Kaizo. As developed by our remote writers and named by us. These are people who have lost limbs either by accident or on purpose in order to become one. Their prosthesis, as is customary to the Empire, have been intervened by kami.
Nisshoku Teikoku by Anton Ninov

Here’s an excerpt of the faction’s development, as written by Hiromi Cota and team:

Life in the Empire of the Eclipse

Thanks to the widespread usage of the Mashin process, every citizen of the Empire of the Eclipse enjoys a superior standard of living compared to their contemporary counterparts. Education is not only among the best in the world, but also strongly encouraged. The Empire boasts the highest educational attainment of any of the modern nations, with a near 100% high school completion rate and over 60% of the nation holding a college degree of some sort, mostly in technical or spiritual studies.

Thanks partly to the strict policies on religious orthodoxy dating back to the Meiji Era, Shintō and Buddhist practices have been separate for nearly a century, with most of the population holding distinctly Shintō beliefs, a significant shift from a hundred years ago when the two religions were equal in popularity and many people observed both religions. This widespread practice of Shintoism has led to a huge number of citizens who are capable of directly communicating with Kami and Yōkai, a boon in a society that’s partnered with the spiritual world.

Life among the Kami is second nature to many of the people of Empire. The existence and proximity of supernatural world has been a simple fact of life for the entirety of Japanese history. This reality led to Shintoism becoming the dominant religion. After the surge in Kami activity in 1946, personal encounters with Kami went from something someone would experience perhaps once a year to a routine occurrence.


Technically, the name of this cultural phenomenon is Kaizō Ningen, translated loosely as “reformed human,” but after a decade in the public consciousness, the name has shrunk to Kaizō. The most commonly known and politically active subset of these cyborgs are the Diesel Mermaids. When most citizens of the Empire think of Kaizō, the Mermaids are the first name on their tongue; the two terms not interchangeable, however. Kaizō exist as a wider cultural phenomenon within the Empire. Many Kaizō join the Mermaids, and the organization has led the way in acceptance and advocacy for this form of accessibility, healing, and health advocacy. However, the practice of swapping in nemurenai parts for stumps and disabled organs has spread far past their numbers.

When Uchiyama Robyn began the process of developing her nemurenai tail after an accident left her confined to her bed (and liberated from that bed by a heavily modified wheelchair), others found inspiration in her work. After the founding of the Diesel Mermaids in the early 1970s, several other, smaller groups arose. Far from hoarding the secrets of the process to herself, Robyn encouraged others to take up the cause of adapting their bodies with nemurenai, freely sharing her knowledge with anyone who sought to further the world’s knowledge of self-improvement. This open-door attitude has largely prevented the sort of financial gatekeeping which often accompanies the development of mobility aids and disability abatement methods; the Mermaids have a policy of teaching literally anyone who asks, in order to avoid these techniques being locked up away from someone who might need them.

Kaizō Concept Art by Fernando Martínez

We are currently developing the full render characters for the Paths sections.

The book lore section is still in editing stage and layout is in progress. 

Next update will include more art sneak peeks. Until then!