Eldritch Century RPG Core Rulebook

Created by Draco Studios

Full-color 600 pages in two Hardcover RPG Core Rule books; featuring the Draco System and the alternate-history world of Eldritch Century. Enhance your experience with 3D-printable miniatures and new digital novels & RPG adventures in our live Kickstarter: https://bit.ly/3okNHy8

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Transmission Thursday: Books arriving in Europe
10 months ago – Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 01:40:58 PM

Greetings, agents.

We have excellent news today. We are fulfilling things, each one with its minutia. Let’s get started.



The Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth books “Almanac” and “Expeditions” have been mailed to our European backers through Happyshops in Germany (Boardgameguru for UK backers). European backers, you must have received a tracking number in your registered email. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, please let us know at kickstarter@dracostudios.com with the subject Missing EC tracking info

Our partners are doing their best to ship the books with enough padding. They advised that for this project, they cannot cover replacements because books are more fragile than game boxes but they are including padding materials in the interior. For some parcels they are even using eco-friendly padding materials which we were very happy to read.

Some people already have their copy! Picture by a fellow backer in our Discord Server

Australia / New Zealand

Aetherworks in Australia has received the cargo and should start mailing them soon! 

North America (US/CA/MX)

If you back other Kickstarter projects on a regular basis, you may be aware about the container shortage crisis on China. Luckily, the books departed on June 24th and they are currently in the sea. We do expect some delay with the unloading but right now, the ETA are:

  • OBD: 24/JUNE
  • ETA (Long Beach): 28/JULY
  • To door (+7 days based on CHICAGO): 13/August

From there we will forward 440 copies to our fulfillment partner and we expect US backers to start receiving their books by the end of August, with Canada and Mexico receiving theirs in mid September.


Dear backers

We are extremely thankful for your patience. We are delighted to be delivering 2 books in a beautiful slipcase instead of 1 as we originally planned. With a lot of full color art within the pages. This has been an exciting journey and we can't wait to hear your stories. If you have any questions or would like to chat directly with our team, feel free to join to our Discord server. Just a couple of months more to complete fulfillment!

Digital rewards - stretch goals

We have finished production of all our digital rewards and all have been placed and delivered on DriveThruRPG. If you are still missing any digital rewards (Core books Expeditions & Almanac, adventure The Darkest Hour, or graphic novel The Azure Owl) o please let us know at kickstarter@dracostudios.com

The digital comic also doubled in size, from 30-pages to 60+ pages! The Azure Owl is the first of our graphic novels.

Azure Owl, a mockup

The digital adventure unlocked as stretch goal was also finished and fulfilled. The Darkest Hour marks the start of adventures in the Eldritch Century Universe. Of course, Dossiers also has adventures, but it is also meant to serve as a starter set. 

We are incredibly excited about these two. They are the first of many more to come of their like. 

Physical add-ons (Starter set Dossiers & Resin minis)

Since we had to produce a set of 2 physical hardcover books instead of 1, we had to shift plans for the physical copies of the starter set, which is now called Dossiers. The starter set were originally 3 softcover books of 40-ish pages each. And they were combined in a single softcover book with 100+ pages for optimization, and renamed Dossiers. We did not enter into mass manufacture with offset printing for these. But we will be fulfilling these using the Print-on-Demand feature of DriveThruRPG. More news about this soon.

The resin miniatures are expected to arrive separately in August to your homes. These were limited in the pledge manager to just 20 sets but we will keep you updated when more sets are available. Meanwhile, you can get almost a hundred models of Eldritch Century for 3D printing in MyMiniFactory:

3D printable models - 2 weeks left for special bundles

Earlier this year, in January. Our 3D printing branch, LAIR 3D, launched a campaign to expand the amount of 3D printables for Eldritch Century and now there are almost 100 of them

Pledge manager is closing on July 31st so if you want several bundles, you can still get a special pricing for them and get early access to a couple of novels for Eldritch Century there: https://www.myminifactory.com/campaigns/eldritch-century-3d-printable-miniatures-and-tales-151

Click to visit Eldritch Century content available on MyMiniFactory

We are very happy to have shared this journey with you, we will focus on finishing fulfillment before starting a new development on Eldritch Century but please feel free to join to our Discord and share your ideas for new adventures, sourcebooks, novels, or 3D models you would like to see!

Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala

We have been working with River Horse on a new asymmetric tabletop game. On August 2nd we are launching a new campaign for our Dragonbond universe: Lords of Vaala. It is a legendary asymmetrical action-programming strategy game.

Raid as a dragon or raise armies as a general, destroy your enemies, hunt monsters, all to collect power. Use your power to cast mighty spells. Once you have collected 10 power tokens, you win the game immediately. Dragons and generals play entirely different in strategy and actions. And all characters in the game have a unique deck of spells.

Beware of the signature Dragonbond mechanic, where a dragon player and a general player can form an unbreakable alliance during mid-game to win or lose together. 

We would love to hear your feedback and develop this game with you. If you want to follow up,  you can sign up in the Kickstarter page here.

Click here!

That’s it for us today.

Share your experience playing Eldritch Century, if you have already started! We are excited to hear what you have to say for a product we love so much. Share your tales and thoughts in our Discord server, or you can find us almost anywhere on social media. Or both. Feel free to do both.

Transmission thursday: Reports on their way
11 months ago – Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 10:30:23 PM

Agents, welcome back.

As you may have surmised from the title, we have excellent news. Your Expeditions and Almanac reports are on their way to our fulfilment centers. After months of trials, communication, fixing issues and manufacture, our books are ready to get to you.

You may have received an email or notification in your inbox regarding your mailing address. 24 hours from now final addresses will be locked to start sending our books to you.  Make sure you double check your information.


If you pledged for the Dossiers (formerly named "Starter Set"), we have new for you. We are putting together a print on demand for you! No additional charges are necessary, but it will take a bit of time before it arrives to you. As we speak, we are trying to get the file approved by Drivethru RPG so we can send it to our fulfillment centers. 

This is mostly to leverage the production of 2 corebooks instead of 1 but we will get you your physical Dossiers.

As always, we'll keep you posted as this evolves.

Remember that you can find a digital copy of these products in our store.

Remember that you can find us on most social media and that you can join our Discord server and keep in touch with the team in real time.

Join us now in our Facebook livestream where Pam will share more details of this news and show an exciting preproduction copy of another RPG book we received this week for Great Wyrms of Drakha.

Transmission Thursday: Advance mass production copy received!
about 1 year ago – Fri, May 07, 2021 at 03:44:40 AM

Welcome back agents,

It has been a while, hasn’t it? We hope things are going well, and that you and yours are keeping safe. We bring news about your PHYSICAL books and all other rewards.

Our news today for the books are exciting, quick and simple: manufacturing is still going strong and it should be ready by the end of next week. We already have the mass production copy with us! 

The corrections we asked for in the Pre-Production copies for the slipcase and top ribbons as well as correcting some images and typos, are now fixed in the mass production copies. You can take a quick look at our weekly livestream where Pam showed the Mass production copies!

Click to see the replay of last week's livestream with the MPC copies!

Freight shipping is starting soon so you will receive a notification soon about locking addresses. But you can still update your shipping address here. 

Darkest hour PDF almost finished

Editorial design is almost done. We are just waiting for the last piece of art so that we can add it to the file, check any final tweaks and throw it online. 

Miasmic Winter. WIP by Darko Kreculj

Azure Owl - Graphic Novel last pages being colored

Remember how we doubled up the pages you’d get for this comic?  Well, the last batch is on inks right now. The team is pulling feedback together, but we should move to color soon. The final pages look amazing so far, we really think you will enjoy it.

Azure owl Inks by Rodrigo Gil

An eldritch Kiwi in Kiwi Chow Down 

You may have already seen the news, but our board games department at Detestable games have launched a new campaign live right now for our newest family game Kiwi Chow Down. The name says it all, but let’s go for it anyway: kiwi eating kiwifruit and pushing each other. 

Click here to check it out!

As enthusiasts of eldritch themes and cosmic horror,  we created a kiwi with an eldritch inspiration (just as we sneaked Cluckthulhu on War for Chicken Island) check it out.

We are sharing this because we know many of you are into board games or 3D printing, and this project has both. You can check the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/detestablegames/kiwi-chow-down?ref=c5se3d


That's all for now but we are veeeeery close to fulfilling all rewards. Remember that if you can locate your PDF files for Expeditions & Almanac (the core books), Dossiers (previously named the starter set), or your STL files, you can always reach out to support@dracostudios.com and Pam will gladly help you out! 

The other rewards (Azure Owl graphic novel, Darkest Hour adventure in PDF, and the physical books) are almost here! Thanks so much for your trust and support!

Transmission Thursday: 5e character creation rules
about 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 01, 2021 at 02:35:08 PM

Greetings, agents.

 It has been a while since we last spoke.  Our core rulebook is still in the cogs of manufacture, and we expect to receive the advance mass production copy by April 18th. Mass production will finish in May 10th.  We started reviewing the Shipping Plan with the factory.

5e Character Creation supplement being ready!

You can find it in your very own LAIR library. Within the 92 pages it details, as its name suggests, a different way to create your characters that is more akin to the fifth edition of the world's most famous role playing game. If you want to stick to the classics, now you can.

If you have trouble accessing your Lair library feel free to reach out to kickstarter@dracostudios.com

Darkest Hour

Layout is finished and we are finishing the new illustrations for the PDF adventure. Here's a sneak peek.

We expect to fulfill this unlocked stretch goal by the end of April.

Work in progress by Anton Ninov

The comic is now a 60-page graphic novel!

Not only you get double the amount of the planned core book content (2 books instead of 1), but we have decided to expand the 30-page comic to a full 60-page graphic novel! We are finishing color for the last 15 pages and we also expect to fulfill this by the end of April.

The Azure Owl Graphic Novel illustrated and colored by Rodrigo Gil.

We have been thinking of a tie-in for the graphic novel and the PDF adventure (The Darkest Hour), so in the future you could see illustrated what's actually been played in the Darkest Hour; let us know if you would be interested in something like this for a future release.

Final hours to get the new Dragonbond 3D-printable files

This is just a friendly-reminder for our backers who take part in the makers community. The new Kickstarter campaign for Dragonbond (our fantasy universe) is finishing in 3 hours.  You can still join and get a ton of models for 3D printing that could fit nicely in your fantasy RPG campaigns or try our beta rules for a whole wargaming experience with the Dragonbond models.

                                                        Click here to see these beautiful models.

Click to visit campaign and see some beautiful dragons


We will be back soon with more news and PDF's on your library. 

Stay safe agents!

Transmission Thursday: More loyalty rewards for you
about 1 year ago – Fri, Mar 19, 2021 at 09:55:20 AM

Welcome back, agents

It's been a couple of weeks since we las got in touch, so lets play catch up. Our corebook is still in the production process, but we have good news. Our manufacturing partners sent the carton markings that will be used to ship the books overseas, so we know that things are moving along nicely. 

The Darkest Hour

We're still working on a few art pieces to fit into the adventure. We're putting finishing touches on the cover art for the unlocked stretch goal digital adventure. What do you think? 

Darkest Hour cover, by Singhooi Lim

The Azure Owl

Since we're on the subject of covers, we decided to go a different way from what we had on this. The artist who made the comic showed us a few sketches and we loved it. What do you think?

This is still a work in progress but looking great already.

WIP cover art, Azure Owl by Rodrigo Gil

Commercial license for STL files

If you are interested in selling physical prints of Eldritch Century miniatures, you can acquire a yearly commercial license in lair.store. You should notice that it won’t ask for your login immediately. 

Login is now located at the top left corner of your window.

This doesn't allow you to distribute or sell the files or the books, but you are able to sell your own 3D printed miniatures for our collections. Your commercial license can be renewed on a yearly basis.

Thanks to your support, we are able to create more amazing 3D models.Go to lair.store. You should notice that it won’t ask for your login immediately. Login is now located at the top left corner of your window.

If you have any issues in any point of the process, please let us know at support@dracostudios.com or hit us up in our discord!

And speaking about 3D printables, in case you are into 3D printing:

 Battles of Valerna: Nahuac and Ysval FREE Loyalty rewrads!

As usual, we are offering loyalty rewards to you, our returning backers for your loyal support. 

Take part in this fully 3D-printable wargame!

As returning backers from this or previous campaigns from us you will receive two alternate captains for your 3D printable army

Click here to claim your free rewards by pledging in our new campaign!

There's also a FREE model that you can download in the campaign!

Go to the new campaign to find this FREE 3D printable model

Stay safe, agents!