Eldritch Century RPG Core Rulebook

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Full-color 400-page RPG Core Rulebook in Hardcover or PDF version with dual system (5e-compatible and featuring Draco System). Enhance the experience with 3D printable files or resin miniatures (limited).

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Transmission Thursday: Keeper of the Depths
6 days ago – Fri, Sep 11, 2020 at 01:30:39 PM

Greetings, Agents

Welcome back to another Transmission Thursday. We hope everyone is keeping safe as the COVID situation evolves or devolves in your location. 

By now, we expected to have everything set up for the extra goodies you could get in Backerkit and help us with the extra costs of having 2 books instead of 1 but we are still expecting some final numbers and graphics... We didn't want to miss another Transmission Thursday though. 

Today we’ll talk about one of the rarest creatures of the fog: the Keeper of the Depths

Keeper of the Depths

This sea serpent has shattered the nerves of many Oceanic Community captains, particularly those of Maori ascendance, for they had heard stories of the protective monster Taniwha, but were terribly shortchanged. This is one of the few sea creatures known to have been affected by the Miasma, and there are no more than ten reported individuals in the known seas.

The keeper never shows itself to ships that enter the Miasma. It is theorized, instead, that it simply watches them, collecting sensory data on the new ship. It leaves the new vessels in peace, allowing them passage. It’s the return which terrifies sailors, for that’s when the creature attacks - to prevent ships from leaving the mist. Since so few keepers of the depths exist in the Wounded Earth, and their approach is always a surprise, the keeper has earned a special place in the nightmares of seafarers.

The keeper uses mixed tactics, seeking first to mislead ships, drawing them away from the edge of the fog. It can imitate voices and completely confuse the magnetic center of all compasses. If this fails (which is rare), the serpent shoots up from the sea and attempts to coil itself around the ship. A crew can defeat the creature if they’re fast enough, but even the most effective defense can render a ship horribly maimed and in dire need of repairs.

Keeper attack, as illustrated by Aldo Dominguez

One of the things we enjoy the most is developing the projects we love along with our backers, many of you have contributed in different ways to make this universe richer and better, with direct feedback, ideas, insights... THANK YOU! We can't wait for you to have the books in your hands! Without any doubt, this product is as much yours as it is ours.

9 months ago, comment by Luke Maton in Update #15

We’d really like to thank everyone who has been hitting us up with feedback for the beta version of the book. A special shout out to WanderingMystic and Vailen on Discord who have pointed out some great notes. We assure you that, while not everything may be reflected on the final product, everything is being discussed among the team.

We will be back in the next Transmission Thursday!

Transimission Thursday: Incoming rewards.
21 days ago – Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 12:27:33 AM

Welcome back, agents

Time waits for no one, and we are no exception. We’re back with a new Transmission Thursday. This time, we’ll talk about our report on the Wounded Earth as a whole.

Core Rulebook PDF Beta preview

Once again, we want to thank you all for your support! We have placed all our heart in this project since the beginning but having 812 amazing Kickstarter backers who are passionate about seeing this project come to life, makes us very grateful and work harder (150%) to deliver you a fantastic experience.

As mentioned before, we ended up with almost 600 pages of content. We have decided to create 2 books (Rules & Lore) with around 300 pages each. Backers who pledged for the PDF or hardcover rule book will get 150% more than expected!

Development costs (writing, editing, art, graphic layout and project management) as well as manufacture and shipping costs increased for this project; of course, we are very aware this was our decision so it will not represent any setbacks in regards of backers' pledge and funds. This will only impact fulfillment timeline with delivery date being pushed back a couple of months (most of you let us know that you don't mind waiting a bit more for a better product!).

If you wish to help the project finances with a voluntary donation to compensate extra expenses, you will get more than our endless gratitude; we are preparing a couple of extra rewards in the pledge manager that you will be able to get as optional buys while helping us with the extra expenses. Some of them include more STL packs with characters from the other 3 factions and new monsters, another digital adventure, a GM screen, and slip case to hold all rewards from this Kickstarters (Both core books, starter, and GM screen). All of this will be ready during the next Transmission Thursday and we will provide the proper instructions within the next update, and again, this is completely voluntary, not obligatory.

But August is here and by now if we were only to fulfill 400 pages, digital fulfillment would have started, so we have decided to share a preview of the Core Rulebook! Backers in the $20 reward tier and higher of Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth will be receiving a link to access the beta PDF shortly. This document showcases not only the world we’ve developed for you, but also an update on the layout progress.  

Bear in mind those blue empty spots with weird Spanish notes are for incoming artwork to make your experience of the Wounded Earth far richer. We are also working on the proper integration of images with the book so they don't feel too square.

This is also a great opportunity for everyone to help us proofreading or adding comments and notes. We would like to invite you to join to our Discord server to share screenshots, ask us any questions or just join the discussion! We encourage you to use it and let us know any issues and typos you may stumble upon while checking out the document. Feel free to use our discord to share your fan art, pictures, thoughts on the world and how escalators as a concept may be a conspiracy to your heart’s content.

Keep an eye open for a direct message that will be sent here on Kickstarter with the preview link! 

In the meantime, enjoy some of the latest artwork to fly into our inbox this week.

Denser Strike, as illustrated by our very own Aldo Dominguez

Transmission Thursday: The documentation workflow
28 days ago – Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 03:22:18 PM

Welcome back, agents

We hope things in your outposts are going well.

For today’s Transmission Thursday we’d like to give you a brief look at the image collection process expected from your adventures in the fog.

Behind the gates

The process begins when one of our current agents returns from the fog with new findings. We usually ask for a detailed description of whatever they found along with a sketch for a rough idea. The Owls look through the document and, together, they decide whether further investigation must be done.

Link Power Field sketch, by Alexandru Dinulescu
Gog, formerly known as Zeke, revisited. As sketched by Darko Kreculj.

Afterwards, the Agents return to the same location, or area if we’re talking monsters, and get a more detailed view of the creature. Once home, the scientists of Minerva take a look for discrepancies with the original description or may ask for more accuracy in certain spots of the document.

Link, a first take of full colors by Alexandru Dinulescu

By the end, we have something like this.

The final and approved look at the power field Link, as illustrated by Alexandru Dinulescu
Gog, formerly Zeke, revisited. Approved version, as illsutrated by Darko Kreculj

The book

No news is good news in this situation. Our lore and layout teams have been working non-stop to get where we want to go. We’ve changed the way we’ll present lore chapters in the second book, which will make the experience more exhilarating.

The new chapter heading. What do you think?

 We are working on the last landscape arts for opening chapters in that size proportion.

Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna final hour

As you know, our other major universe is currently seeking funding for a first beta release on 3D printable files and mass playtesting prior to manufacturing. It has been an exciting ride and we are sure our team from LAIR (subsidiary company of Draco Studios) will handle fulfillment in a prompt way. 

5e Statblocks for the units of this project have been unlocked in case you are interested to incorporate them to your RPG campaigns. You can join here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lair3d/dragonbond-bov3d-wave1

In addition, if you are into 3D printing, the $45 reward tier will get you over 100 files to 3D print at home!

We hope to see you there!

We will be back next Thursday for a new Transmission!

Transmission Thursday: Nightmares of the fog.
about 1 month ago – Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 09:22:13 PM

Greetings, Minerva Agents.

We’re back with more Transmission Thursday. Today we have some news for you, regarding the progress of the book and a few changes being made. Additionally, we’ll dive into what we’ve learned to call Living Nightmares.

Living Nightmares

Not all monsters have evolved from fossils or eldritch creatures from stranger natures. Some have grown from stranger mixtures of it all, reaching incomprehensibly dangerous levels of mutation and aggression. These are Living Nightmares, and we’ve pinpointed a few common elements to group some of them. What else lies outside our observations terrifies us to the core.

Here’s an excerpt as written by our team.

All reports seem to indicate that these monsters, dubbed living nightmares by Minerva researchers, are spawned directly from the Miasma itself. Somehow the Miasma coalesces into humanoid or monstrous shapes, solid enough to kill humans, and with enough free will to think on their own, or even speak. The fact that these living nightmares resemble human concepts or archetypes indicates that they must be somehow created by the fears, thoughts, or unconscious will of humans who were scarred by the horror of Miasma Expansions, or maddened from decades of living inside it.

Living nightmares, however, are not as wildly variant as it could be imagined; they seem to be limited to a number of breeds, or subtypes, according to their common characteristics and behavior. While sharing the same nature as Miasma-born apparitions, and perhaps the same origin, each breed of living nightmare approaches humans very differently, and displays a very specific set of abilities - which raises the disturbing possibility that their creation was deliberate.

Thing that Slaughters. As envisioned by Darko Kreculj
Thing that Caresses, as envisioned by Darko Kreculj

On the book

Layout design is moving fabulously. We’re spotting places and rethinking possibilities to ensure a thrilling experience in every part of the Eldritch Century experience.

The blue square indicates a spot for artwork. Also, yes, there's a section on vehicles!
Path sections are taking shape!

The starter set

We’ve also taken a dive into the starter set. A few of you may have already seen a preview of this before the campaign launched; however, we’re reviewing the content with the new ideas developed from cultural consulting and the work of remote writers to keep everything in line.

A look at the composite cover from the Starter Set pieces.

Interested in Miniature Wargaming?

Right now, some of our game designers are streaming on Twitch a live playtest for Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna which is the other major universe from Draco Studios. Feel free to join and ask any questions here: https://www.twitch.tv/draco_studios

Click to see our live Playtest!

And remember the Kickstarter campaign for the beta 3D printable release (and mass playtesting with backers) is live. Thanks for all your support!! 

We will be back in the next Transmission Thursday!

Transmission Thursday: Miasmic Bursts
about 1 month ago – Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 12:13:37 AM

Greetings, Agents. Welcome back.

Today’s Transmission Thursday is an exciting one for many reasons. For one, we’ll talk about one of the most dangerous phenomena surrounding the miasma: Miasmic Bursts. Additionally, the layout process is giving us some interesting insights on our book.

Lets get started.

Miasmic bursts

Some of the strangest behavioral patterns from the fog, if we’re to call it such a thing, are surely what we’ve come to call Miasmic Bursts. The more common they became, the more they became a reason for the factions of the Wounded Earth to enter the fog.

Here’s an excerpt from the report as written by Bernardo Alvarez.

Though the fog tends to remain static in between expansions, ever since its second expansion it’s been known to “throw” what are known as Miasmic Bursts. In essence, they’re Miasma expulsions that land in random places and subject that location to 24 to 72 hours of horror, mutations and monsters. There is no way to predict them, let alone stop them.

If the trauma left behind in the affected location weren’t enough, a few miasmic trails are known to remain. Additionally, people are known to disappear in these events. By 1963, the factions had already established a protective system for whenever these fenomena were to strike.

Miasmic Ibex. as visualized by Darko Krecuji

The book layout

The design and lore teams have been deeply focused on the construction of the book. For reference, blue blocks are meant to show where missing artwork or graphic ornaments will go.

As an exciting note, all day yesterday, our head of lore was busy creating close to twelve characters for an upcoming demo and, according to him, the layout works wonderfully. Start thinking about what kind of agent you plan to be. Anything is possible and creativity, as we had promised, is heavily encouraged.

A work in progress.

 Gen Con Panel Replay

In case you missed it during last Thursday, here's the panel for Eldritch Century with Bernardo Alvarez and JC Alvarez so you can enjoy it.

We will be back next Thursday with more news!